BeautyTrack: A full-featured, hair, nail, and day spa salon management software package for your salon!

This state-of-the-art system will act as a Point of Sale (POS) system for tracking all of your sales, commissions, appointments, and clients.

BeautyTrack® also contains a full-featured inventory system. You can use the appointment scheduler to keep your salon moving efficiently.

We offer two versions of our software: BeautyTrack (unlimited users/stylists) and BeautyTrack Express (Single user/stylist).

BeautyTrack Features

  • Full Inventory System
  • Cash Drawer and Receipt Printer Support
  • Client Appointments**
  • Database Utilities – Backup, Restore and Maintenance
  • Employee Commissions*
  • Employee Scheduling*
  • Employee Security with Password Protection*
  • Learn the basics in just 10-15 minutes!
  • 30 Days of Standard Technical Support (From Purchase Date)
  • Pay-Per Call After Hours Support Available 7 Days per week!

  • Employee Information*
  • Vendor Information
  • Client Information (Sales, Visits, Personal)
  • Several Reports on each screen!
  • Multiple Stations/Users* – Networkable!
  • Client Photos
  • Create new client account by swiping a driver’s license that has a magnetic strip on it. Only 25 states are supporting the magnetic strip driver’s license at this time.
  • Employee Time Clock*
  • E-Mail Marketing

BeautyTrack® Makes Salon Management Easier!